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Initial comment Initial comment   Silikal RV 310 resin is a modified methacrylate resin of high flexibility which is - up to a certain extent - suitable for membrane layers and liquid foils under inelastic coatings for interior and exterior surfaces,as well as water proofing indoors under tiles and screed for "Test
Pretreatment of substrate Pretreatment of substrate Possible substrate include concrete and cement screed with inclination of up to 1.5 %. For best bonding the substrate must be free of contamination (chemicals, oil, fat or grease), enough firm, dry and dust-free. The substrate must be pretreated according to the local cond
Primer on concrete and cement screed Primer Application on concrete and cement screed According to item ... substrate must be film forming primed with a Methacrylic resin. Wherever the primer is being completely absorbed by the substrate an immeadiate second primer application must follow wet-in-wet.   Recommended product: Silikal R
Main Coat Main Coat   After curing of the primer (scratch layer) the coating material made from high flexible membrane methacrylic resin and fine fillers, pigment and thixotropic agent is applied in two layer of eych 1.5 mm thickness by using a trowel and/or comb trowel. It is important to avoid blisters duri

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Reactive resins and polymer concrete for industrial floorings and civil engineering

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