3D and BIM files We present you a selection of subordinated items, which might find your interest.
3D and BIM files   2D- / 3D- drawings and BIM files All 2D and 3D drawings of KALDEWEI bathtubs, showers and washbasins are available to download here. Files are accessible in several different formats for direct download and may be used at no cost to accommodate your individual specifications. Use the checkbox f

Manufacturer's information

Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG
Beckumer Straße 33-35 59229 Ahlen

Tel. 0049023827850
Fax 004902382785200
E-Mail  info@kaldewei.de
Internet  www.kaldewei.com
Category Plumbing / Heating / Sanitary products / Air conditioning

Washbasins, washstands, bathtubs, freestanding and corner bathtubs, oval bathtubs, shower trays in square, pentagonal, quadrant and barrier-free made of KaIdewei steel enamel, shower bathtubs, luxury, space-saving bathtub, shower, shower trays, shower surfaces, flat, flush-to-floor, walk-in, level-access, floor-level shower

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