KALDEWEI CAYONO bathtub, 1500x700mm, model no. 747

Design description:
The CAYONO is deliberately designed in
lines coordinated with the stylistic
features of modern architecture.
Straight lines, small radii and a
consistent geometry signal clarity,
harmony and stringency in an ever more
complex and fast-paced world. By the
same token, CAYONO is designed
specifically for everyday use. Steep
sides ensure a generously dimensioned
bathtub interior - even with smaller
sizes. The flat bathtub bottom allows
for comfortable showering.
Designed by KALDEWEI Design


External shape: Rectangle
External dimensions: 1500x700 mm
Depth: 410 mm
Product: Steel-enamel bathtub
Model no: 747
Manufacturer: KALDEWEI
Guarantee: 30 years
(as per guarantee certificate)
Material: KALDEWEI steel enamel
Overflow hole: d 52 mm
Waste hole: d 52 mm
Waste and overflow position: Foot end
Weight: 42 kg
Standard colour: Alpine White


In accordance with EU Construction
Products Regulation (CPR):
CE 15 KBW001 PH/marked to
DIN EN 14516 - CL1+CL2
Certified surface:
Scratch and impact resistant, chemical
resistant, heat resistant, UV light
resistant, sustainable, dimensionally
stable, easy to clean and hygienic.
Earthing strap for equipotential bonding


Required accessories:
Leg set ALLROUND model no. 5030
COMFORT-LEVEL model no. 4001 or
COMFORT-LEVEL PLUS model no. 4011


Optional accessories:
SOUND WAVE bath audio system
Lighting set (only for bathtubs
w. polystyrene support


Recommended surfaces:
slip-resistant anti-slip/full anti-slip-
finish, EASY CARE finish,
and other bathroom colours.


Safety test:
The German technical inspection
association TÜV Rhineland has certified
KALDEWEI´s anti-slip/full anti-slip
finish as having anti-slip properties
compliant with quality class B for wet
barefoot areas (DIN 51097) and quality
class R10 for anti-slip characteristics
in work spaces and working areas with an
increased slip risk (DIN 51130).


Manufacturer's information

Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG
Beckumer Straße 33-35 59229 Ahlen

Tel. 0049023827850
Fax 004902382785200
E-Mail info@kaldewei.de
Internet  www.kaldewei.com
Category Plumbing

Washbasins, washstands, bathtubs, freestanding and corner bathtubs, oval bathtubs, shower trays in square, pentagonal, quadrant and barrier-free made of KaIdewei steel enamel, shower bathtubs, luxury, space-saving bathtub, shower, shower trays, shower surfaces, flat, flush-to-floor, walk-in, level-access, floor-level shower

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