KALDEWEI installation system FR 5300 FLEX PLUS f. rect. shower surfaces larger then 900x900mm up to 1200x1200

Product: Installation systems for
KALDEWEI shower surfaces
Usage: Rectangular bathtubs larger than
900 x 900 mm up to 1200 x 1200 mm
Shower surface models:
Manufacturer: KALDEWEI
Model: FR 5300 FLEX PLUS
Model no: 5300
Order no: 530000190000
External shape: Rectangle
External dimensions: up to 1159x1159 mm
(can be cut to smaller size)
Material: Aluminium profiles
No. of 3D Flex foot systems: 9
Installation types:
tiled floor
Installed heights with shower:
- 49 mm (not adjustable)
- 63-164 mm (flexibly adjustable)

KALDEWEI shower tray sound insulation:
The Fraunhofer Institut Bauphysik IBP
certifies compliance with DIN 4109,
VDI 4100 and SIA 181 in conjunction
with the sound insulation tape WAS 70
(order no. 687676040000)
and at least 1 sound absorbing pad
(order no. 687675720000)
For further details see:
KALDEWEI sound insulation certificate

Optional accessories:
4-piece extension set for FR 5300
Total heights of 164-250 mm

Article number: 530000190000

Manufacturer's information

Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG
Beckumer Straße 33-35 59229 Ahlen

Tel. 0049023827850
Fax 004902382785200
E-Mail info@kaldewei.de
Internet  www.kaldewei.com
Category Plumbing

Washbasins, washstands, bathtubs, freestanding and corner bathtubs, oval bathtubs, shower trays in square, pentagonal, quadrant and barrier-free made of KaIdewei steel enamel, shower bathtubs, luxury, space-saving bathtub, shower, shower trays, shower surfaces, flat, flush-to-floor, walk-in, level-access, floor-level shower

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