planning service We present you a selection of subordinated items, which might find your interest.
planning information   PLANNING FRAMES AND MATS   Some aspects need to be considered when planning the installation of a Top Clean entrance mat.   Under planning information ( you will find important advice for planning your installation.  
capacity and trafficability   MAXIMUM LOAD AND TRAFFICABILITY OF TOP CLEAN MATS   Performance tests have been conducted by Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Munich University of Applied Sciences.   Please find attached all relevant information on the key parameters.
determination of expansion tolerance   PLEASE ALLOW SOME EXPANSION TOLERANCE WHEN PLANNING AN INSTALLATION   In particular, heat expansion and laying tolerance must be considered when installing floor mats.   Please check the laying tolerance table ( for more information.
product finder   PRODUCT FINDER FOR ENTRANCE AND WORKPLACE MATS   With only a few specifications you may find the mat ( is best suited to meet your preferences.  
colour chart   OVERVIEW OF AVAILABLE COLOURS: RIBBED CARPET, GROOVED RUBBER, CASSETTE BRUSH AND BRUSH STRIP   We are able to provide the following samples to support you with planning your project:   COLOUR CHART ( SAMPLE ( BOX (
request sample box   FOR YOUR CLIENTS´CONVENIENCE   We are happy to provide a sample of our products free of charge upon your request.   Samples help you to decide which solution fits best and allow a most effective application of GEGGUS products.   Colour chart ribbed carpet Entrance mat systems  
list of references   EXCERPT FROM OUR LIST OF REFERENCES   GEGGUS products have been installed in many different kinds of buildings.   An overview of application areas is available here (
awards   AWARDS   Certificates ( related to our portfolio.
cleaning and maintenance instructions   YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM A REGULAR CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE REGIME FOR YOUR ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEM   We advice you to clean your Top Clean entrance mats at regular intervals to ensure maximum durability.   Please find cleaning instructions here (
brochures / catalogues / data sheets   PRODUCT DOCUMENTS   For your convenience: please check our E-catalogue ( for comprehensive information.

Manufacturer's information

GEGGUS GmbH Höhefeldstraße 56-60 76356 Weingarten(Baden) GERMANY

Tel. +49 (0)7244 70550
Fax +49 (0)7244 705580
Category Flooring

GEGGUS is the producer of: TOP CLEAN Entrance Matting Systems, entrance mats, frames, dirt collecting trays, entrance barrier systems, heavy-duty entrance mats, visual and tactile guidance systems for entrance mats, entrance mats for high and extreme load, entrance mats with integrated logo, special shape entrance mats, entrance mats accessible by wheel chair, custom-made entrance mats

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