GEGGUS entrance mat Top Clean STABIL with grooved rubber and brush strip

model: GEGGUS entrance mat Top Clean STABIL

with grooved rubber and brush strip

for high and extreme load

manufacturer: GEGGUS

production: made in Germany

product: entrance mat

areas of use: outdoor areas

accessibility: entrance mat accessible by wheel chair



Top Clean STABIL 17: wheel chair, shopping trolley,

transport trolley, lift truck

Top Clean STABIL 22: wheel chair, shopping trolley,

transport trolley, lift truck, car


aluminium profile: warp resistant aluminium profile

(alloy EN AW 6060, wall thickness up to 2.5 mm)

for fully supported and self-supporting installation

(substructure on site, maximum distance between

supports 300 mm)


uppers: anti-slip grooved rubber (EPDM)

with lengthwise and crosswise grooves, heavy-duty

alternating with brush strip made of robust

polyamide 6.


underside: rubber inserts for noise reduction


stainless steel wire rope d 2 mm for 10/13+17 mm height

stainless steel wire rope d 3 mm for 22 mm height

lock: special threaded nipple with stainless steel

screw (rust-proof).

profile spacing: 5 mm

profile spacing option also available in 3 mm

for automatic door systems conforming to DIN 18650

flexible spacers made of rubber


technical characteristics

slip resistant properties:

grooved rubber R9 conforming to DIN 51130

UV-resistant conforming to DIN 7863

aluminium recyclable



colour grooved rubber:



colours brush strip:





colours aluminium profile:

natural aluminium

powder-coated to any RAL colour (additional costs)



available in any given dimensions.

width (profile length) and depth (walking direction)

without compensation profile

width x depth mm:

w (mm): '.........' 
d (mm): '.........' 


special shape:

gaps/curves and diagonal cuts according drawing or

template for an extra charge.

guidance for visual impairment:

visual and tactile guiding for entrance mats


Manufacturer's information

GEGGUS GmbH Höhefeldstraße 56-60 76356 Weingarten(Baden) GERMANY

Tel. +49 (0)7244 70550
Fax +49 (0)7244 705580
Category Flooring

GEGGUS is the producer of: TOP CLEAN Entrance Matting Systems, entrance mats, frames, dirt collecting trays, entrance barrier systems, heavy-duty entrance mats, visual and tactile guidance systems for entrance mats, entrance mats for high and extreme load, entrance mats with integrated logo, special shape entrance mats, entrance mats accessible by wheel chair, custom-made entrance mats

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