DESIGN AWARDS 2016 + 2017 We present you a selection of subordinated items, which might find your interest.
Top Clean TREND - ICONIC AWARD 2017   Safe Clean TREND ICONIC AWARDS 2017 INTERIOR INNOVATION best of best   Innovative top performance from all product areas of the industry characterize the image of the ICONIC AWARDS. The Safe Clean TREND entrance mat from GEGGUS GmbH has received the ICONIC AWARDS 2017 INTERIOR INNOVATION award b
Top Clean BRUSH - GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016   Top Clean BRUSH - GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016   GEGGUS GmbH has positioned itself successfully with its expertise in the area of entrance matting systems.   The company with its innovative TOP CLEAN product line is one of the market leaders. GEGGUS products have won numerous awards.   The "Top Clean

Manufacturer's information

GEGGUS GmbH Höhefeldstraße 56-60 76356 Weingarten(Baden) GERMANY

Tel. +49 (0)7244 70550
Fax +49 (0)7244 705580
Category Flooring

GEGGUS is the producer of: TOP CLEAN Entrance Matting Systems, entrance mats, frames, dirt collecting trays, entrance barrier systems, heavy-duty entrance mats, visual and tactile guidance systems for entrance mats, entrance mats for high and extreme load, entrance mats with integrated logo, special shape entrance mats, entrance mats accessible by wheel chair, custom-made entrance mats

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