Skylight system - SDS-2-DU-24V-Set

24 V DC / Special production according to customer requirements


Performance features:

For opening and closing skylights for ventilation and smoke extraction applications;

System consisting of 2 drive units and 2 skylight-specific installation sets;

With BSY+ motor and synchronised electronics controlled via microprocessor;

Service life inspected with at least 20000 opening cycles for ventilation and an additional 1000 opening cycles for smoke extraction in accordance with EN 12101-2;

Optimal aerodynamic values by quick opening to 172°;

Power transmission structurally optimised, therefore minimum strain on ventilator frame and hinges;

High type of protection for drive unit; can therefore also be used under difficult ambient conditions;

Quick installation and easy handling thanks to modules pre-installed at the factory;

Installation sets available for many skylights;


Technical data:

(per drive unit)

Operating voltage: 24 V DC / ±15 %

Current consumption: 4 A

Force of pressure: 3000 N

Tensile force: 3000 N

Nominal locking force: 2200 N

Service life: > 10000 double strokes

OPEN running speed: 7.1 mm/s

OPEN running speed : 7.1 mm/s

Wind load class: 1500 Pa ** ***

Snow load class: 500 Pa ** ***

Type of protection: IP 64

Temperature range: -5 °C bis +75 °C

Fire resistance: B300 (30 min / 300 °C)

Connection: 2.5 m silicone cable

** In accordance with EN 12101-2 (inspected with various manufacturers)

*** Values for dome size 2.25 m². Change proportional for deviating dome sizes with compatible domes.


Brand: D+H Mechatronic AG

Type: SDS-2-DU-24V-Set

Article number: 27.900.03

Manufacturer's information

D+H Mechatronic AG
Georg-Sasse-Straße 28-32 22949 Ammersbek

Tel. +49 (0)40 60565-0
Fax +49 (0)40 60565-222
Category Fire protection

D+H is one of the leading global companies in the field of smoke extraction and natural ventilation. Part of this catalogue are motorised drive units for the operation of window elements as well as the appropriate control units for smoke and heat extraction and natural ventilation.

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