Weather stepping relay - WFR 41

for SHEV control panels RZN 43xx-E, RZN 44xx-K/M and CNV control panels GVL 83xx-E

for relaying of weather-CLOSED signal


Performance features:

Interface module for D+H wind and rain detectors;

For installation on E1 / E2 central slot;

With isolated changeover contact for relaying the weather CLOSED signal to other control panels;


Scope of supply:

Module, instruction for use


Brand: D+H Mechatronic AG

Type: WFR 41


Unit: pcs Article number: 30.526.80

Manufacturer's information

D+H Mechatronic AG
Georg-Sasse-Straße 28-32 22949 Ammersbek

Tel. +49 (0)40 60565-0
Fax +49 (0)40 60565-222
Category Fire protection

D+H is one of the leading global companies in the field of smoke extraction and natural ventilation. Part of this catalogue are motorised drive units for the operation of window elements as well as the appropriate control units for smoke and heat extraction and natural ventilation.

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