2b Technical regulations [BS]

2b. Technical regulations [BS]



Reference Documents for Aluminium Alloy Fenestration products:

BS4873: Aluminium windows & doors

BS5516: Sloping & vertical patent glazing

BS EN 134830 Curtain Walling (alternatively use CWCT specification)


This list is not exhaustive but covers those documents which are most frequently used. These may not necessarily be a requirement of the specification nor may the product be covered by the requirements of the documents referred to. There are ongoing changes to European standards which may supersede some of the documents listed above. If further information or clarification is required please refer to WICONA.



Design, Safety & Weather performance


BS 6399-1: Dead and imposed loads

BS 6399-2: Wind loading

BS 6180: Barriers in and about buildings

BS 7818: Pedestrian restraint systems

BS 8118: Code of practice - Structural use of aluminium.

BS 8213-1: Code of Practice - safety in use cleaning

BS EN 1026 Air permeability - Test method Part 1 windows and doors*

BS EN 1025 Water tightness - Test method Part 1 windows and doors*

BS EN 12211 Resistance to wind load - Test method*

BS EN 12207 Air permeability - Requirement Classification Part 1 Windows & Doors**

BS EN 12208 Water tightness - Requirement Classification Part 1 Windows & Doors**

BS EN 12210 Resistance to wind load - Classification. Part 1 Windows and doors.**

BS 6375 -1 weather tightness classification***

BS 6375 - 2 Operation & strength characteristics.**

* see also BS 5368 parts 1 to 4

** see also BS 6375 - 2 / BS ENS

*** alternative see also BS ENs 1025, 1026 & 1211 for relative classification





PAS 23: General performance requirements for door assemblies. Part 1: Single leaf external door assemblies to dwellings.

PAS 24: Enhanced security performance requirements for door assemblies. Part 1: Single leaf external door assemblies to dwellings.

BS 8300: Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the need of disabled people.

BS DD 171: Guide to specifying performance requirements for hinged or pivoted doors.

BS 7036: Safety at powered doors for pedestrian use

BS EN 1125: Building hardware - panic exit devices operated by horizontal bar

BS EN 179: Building hardware - panic exit devices operated by lever handles or push pad





BS EN 12020: Aluminium alloys, extruded profiles.

BS EN 573 - 3: aluminium alloys, chemical composition.

BS EN 515: Aluminium alloys, temper designation.

BS EN 485: Aluminium alloys, sheet.

BS EN 755: Aluminium alloys, extrusion.

BS 4255-1: Gaskets.

BS 4254: Polysulphide, 1 part.

BS 5215: Polysulphide, 2 part.

BS 5889: Silicone sealant





BS EN 572-1: Glass in building (soda lime silicate glass)*

BS EN 5713: Hermetically sealed flat double glazed units.**

BS EN 1063: Security glazing (resistance to bullet attack)

BS EN 356: Security glazing (resistance against manual attack)

BS 6206: Safety glass specification

BS 6262: Glass in buildings

BS 6262: Part 4 Safety relating to human impact

* see also BS 952

** see also BS EN 1279



Other aspects


BS 6100: Glossary of building terms.


BS EN 12373: Anodising

BS 3987: Anodising

BS 4842: Liquid organic coatings

BS 6496: Powder organic coatings


PD 6484: Commentary on corrosion of bi-metallic contacts and its alleviation

BS 8213-4: Code of Practice for installation of replacement windows and doors BS 7950: Enhanced security performance for casement windows; domestic applications.

BS 8220-1/-2/-3: Guides for the security of buildings against crime.

BS EN 1670: Building hardware corrosion resistance

BS EN 10268: Stainless steel.

BS EN ISO 3506-1 Stainless steel screws

BS EN 1774 & 12844: Zinc alloy castings

BS EN 22063: Zinc spray

BS 1224: Electro plate, nickel

BS 3382: Electro plate, screws.

BS EN 12329 & 12330: Electro plate


BS 6338: Chromate coating.

BS 7479: Salt spay test.

BS EN ISO 1461



Quality control


BS EN ISO 9000: Quality management systems


BS 8000-5/-7/-16: Codes of practice for workmanship on site

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