Burglar resistance RC 1 - RC 3 [Supplement]

9.x WICSTYLE 65 evo burglar resistant in compliance with DIN EN 1627:2011 in the resistance classes RC 1 N, RC 2 N, RC 2, RC 3

(Technical specification)


Preliminary remarks:


The following system specification is only valid as a supplement to the technical specification of the WICSTYLE 65 evo basic series. It includes additional specifications and designs for using the system in conjunction with anti-burglary requirements, which can only be met by the measures outlined below.



Construction characteristics


Glazed panes, sandwich or glass panels classified in accordance with EN 356


RC 1 N / RC 2 N with no specific glazing requirements

RC 2 with Class P4A glazing

RC 3 with Class P6B glazing or Class P8B panels


Dry glazing in every resistance class (wet glazing with separate glazing beads also possible)


Infill safeguard with no additional gluing of the infill within the glass rebate through use of short strips of EPDM with resistance class RC 2.


Glued within the glass rebate as infill safeguard with resistance class RC 3.



Construction options


The standard design single and double leaf doors are available in all resistance classes, both inward and outward opening and with or without threshold.

Doors can also be manufactured and installed in escape and rescue routes with emergency exit locks compliant with DIN EN 179 or panic locks compliant with DIN EN 1125.



Proofs and certifications


A valid test certificate issued by a test centre authorised to conduct tests in accordance with the above-mentioned standard and certifying the design of the doors offered must be presented.


Door systems must be provided with a durable identification conforming to standards in the rebate.


The contractor must provide the following documents at the latest at the time of acceptance of the works:

- Completed certificate of compliance for burglar-resistant doors in accordance with DIN EN 1627

- Assembly certificate for burglar-resistant doors in accordance with DIN EN 1627

- Instruction regarding maintenance works which are to be carried out on-site to ensure long-term operability.


The tenderer is at liberty to offer an itemised maintenance contract regarding the corresponding services.



Fittings technology


Certified single barrel or multi-point locks classified in accordance with EN 12209.


Standard fittings in conjunction with drilling protection or optional security fittings classified in accordance with EN 1906.


Free hinge selection due to hinge side protection using a cover profile on the rebate side.





Hinge side protector as a special rebate cover profile, only clipped in place in the case of resistance classes RC 2 N / RC 2.


Hinge side protector as a special rebate cover profile, clipped in and glued within the rebate in the case of resistance class RC 3.

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