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1. Notes



Type and scope of the works.

This tender comprises:


Metal construction work

This work comprises the manufacture, supply and fitting of aluminium windows, doors and façades.


Glazing work

This work comprises the supply and complete glazing of all glass panes.


Solar shading work

This work comprises the supply and fitting of solar shading devices.


Construction system

The tender is based on the quality and construction characteristics of the

WICONA aluminium constructions

(Manufacturer: Hydro Building Systems Germany GmbH, 89077 Ulm, Germany)

Fabrication shall comply with the processing guidelines applicable each time.


Specification of works and drawings.

The specification of works, details, architect´s drawings in the form of window and façade overviews, building elevations and floor plans form the basis of the bid. In the case of inconsistencies, the bidder should, prior to submission of the tender, seek clarification from the office inviting the tender.


Where detailed drawings are included in the performance specification, these are binding with regard to the bid. Overviews of windows and façades, where included, are used to depict the partition and the types of openings as well as to determine the required cross sections unless other profile shapes have been specified for aesthetic reasons.


The dimensions stated in the performance specification are only to be used as a guide. The exact dimensions shall be stipulated after the contract has been awarded.


The bidder shall see the conditions on site for himself prior to submitting his bid. Subsequent demands originating from insufficient information will not be accepted.


It is the bidder´s duty to check the items listed in the performance specification for completeness, technical feasibility and suitability for the intended purpose. This also applies with respect to the intended connection with the structure and the anticipated loads. Modifications or additions that appear sensible or necessary should be submitted in a supplementary bid, stating the respective reasons.


Bidders are free to draw up alternative proposals in the form of a supplementary bid in addition to the construction for which tenders have been invited. At the same time, proof shall be furnished of the equivalence of the construction offered by means of detailed drawings on a scale of 1:1. Bids where the main bid has not been filled in cannot be considered.


Bidder´s drawings relating to the tender

The bidder shall include in the tender vertical and horizontal section drawings of the main item on a scale of 1:1 and the elevation on a scale of 1:20. This drawing shall show clearly all the details required for assessing the construction such as profile dimensions, junctions with the structure, etc..


Particular reference is made to the fact that bids can only be considered if compliance with the specification of works can be established by means of detailed drawings which can be checked.


Bidder´s drawings in the event of the contract being awarded

Once the contract has been awarded, the successful bidder shall produce detailed drawings for all items, based on a measured site survey. These drawings shall be submitted to the architect in triplicate, for his approval, prior to the start of production.

Manufacturer's information

Hydro Building Systems UK Ltd.
Silkwood Park Wakefield WF5 9TG - United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0)845 6028799
Fax +44 (0)1924 232300
E-Mail info@wicona.co.uk
Internet  www.wicona.co.uk
Internet  www.wictip.com
Category Profile systems

Modular aluminium profile systems for façades, windows, doors and glazed annexes, highly insulated / uninsulated series, stick constructions, unitized façades, energy efficient façades, structural glazings, lifting sliding doors, folding sliding doors, safety technique, fire protection façades / windows, fire protection / smoke control doors, burglar resistance, bullet resistance, system fittings

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