+ Text modules for additional metal construction works We present you a selection of subordinated items, which might find your interest.
Aluminium sheet claddings Aluminium sheet claddings     Preliminary remarks Aluminium sheet claddings including supporting structure (see also the Additional technical terms of contract, Section 3, aluminium sheeting)   Material requirements The cladding sheets shall be manufactured from aluminium sheeting of a thickness in
Façade insulation boards Façade insulation boards     Preliminary remarks As regards the outside thermal insulation of parapets, supports and the roof junction, façade insulation boards are used for back-ventilated façades (see also the Additional technical terms of contract, Section 3, insulating materials).   Insulation b

Manufacturer's information

Hydro Building Systems UK Ltd.
Silkwood Park Wakefield WF5 9TG - United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0)845 6028799
Fax +44 (0)1924 232300
E-Mail info@wicona.co.uk
Internet  www.wicona.co.uk
Internet  www.wictip.com
Category Profile systems

Modular aluminium profile systems for façades, windows, doors and glazed annexes, highly insulated / uninsulated series, stick constructions, unitized façades, energy efficient façades, structural glazings, lifting sliding doors, folding sliding doors, safety technique, fire protection façades / windows, fire protection / smoke control doors, burglar resistance, bullet resistance, system fittings

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