9 - 15 Technical description We present you a selection of subordinated items, which might find your interest.
9 Construction overview 9. Construction     Preliminary remarks: An additional mandatory requirement is the certification of the system manufacturer as well as profile extrusion / composite system subcontractors under the ISO 9000 series of standards.   The additional requirement to provide proof of the quality characteris
10 Surface treatment 10. Surface treatment     Preliminary remark (see also the Additional technical terms of contract, Section 4)   For powder or wet paint coatings, the layer thickness must be at least 50-80 mµ. The coating is subject to the following requirements: elasticity, good hardness and abrasion resistance, ex
11 Fittings 11. Fittings     All fittings shall be selected in consideration of the specifications of the fittings manufacturer. They must fulfil the required function in a safe and proper manner. The sash sizes and maximum sash weights specified by the system manufacturer must be observed.   Horizontal and ver
12 Junctions to structure 12. Junctions to structure     Preliminary remarks: Assembly and seals to the generally recognized rules of technology. The relevant standards should be applied.   Unless otherwise specified in the itemised description, the structural system shall be determined by the contractor under his own respon
13 Parapet panels 13. Parapet panels     The intention is to supply a parapet panel design according to the list below. The bidder is free to select the make of panel; the make and type of panel offered to be stated below and to be binding.   The guidelines and recommendations of the glazing industry and professional
14 Glazing 14. Glazing     The intention is to supply the types of glass listed below. The bidder is free to select the make, which shall be stated below and be binding. The thicknesses of the glass shall be determined according to the relevant calculation rules with load assumptions as per DIN 1055 and in obs
15 Solar shading 15. Solar shading     Preliminary note Vertical blinds with the following technical features are designed.   Make offered:   .......................................     Requirements pertaining to the outside solar shading   Multiple solar shading and daylight functions In terms of saving energy, usi

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Hydro Building Systems UK Ltd.
Silkwood Park Wakefield WF5 9TG - United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0)845 6028799
Fax +44 (0)1924 232300
E-Mail info@wicona.co.uk
Internet  www.wicona.co.uk
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Category Profile systems

Modular aluminium profile systems for façades, windows, doors and glazed annexes, highly insulated / uninsulated series, stick constructions, unitized façades, energy efficient façades, structural glazings, lifting sliding doors, folding sliding doors, safety technique, fire protection façades / windows, fire protection / smoke control doors, burglar resistance, bullet resistance, system fittings

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