7 Building erection - additional services

7. Building erection - additional services



Dimensions and site measurements

The contractor is obliged to take measurements at the shell. Prior to production starting, he shall check whether the construction on site has been carried out in accordance with the agreed details and permissible tolerances.


Tolerances are governed by DIN 18201, DIN 18202, sheets 1 and 4, DIN 18203, sheet 1.


Any modifications or additional measures shall be agreed prior to the start of production.


By way of deviation, the parties may agree production according to theoretical dimensions (design dimensions).


Level markings, axes, installation level

Windows and door elements must be installed flush and perpendicular according to the level markings and axes arranged in each storey by other parties. The installation level shall be determined in the approval drawing.



All fasteners required for fitting purposes shall be included in the unit prices. The contractor shall be responsible for determining their size, position and arrangement.


Junctions and seals

The structural junctions and seals must satisfy requirements in terms of building physics, i.e. requirements pertaining to thermal insulation, moisture protection, sound insulation and joint movement.


When sealing connection joints using elastic sealants, the manufacturer´s instructions governing application shall be heeded. When determining the width of the joint, the permitted overall deformation of the sealant shall be taken into account.


When sealing windows and façades within the structure with sealing membranes, DIN 18195 shall be observed. If the sealing membrane is bonded with adhesive, the adhesion surfaces must be free from any impurities and foreign substances. Pockets of air must be avoided at the adhesion surfaces. The manufacturer´s instructions shall be observed.


Operating tools

The required operating tools and the necessary instructions for operating, cleaning and servicing the windows shall be handed over to the site management or the building owner.



The type and extent of cleaning is determined by DIN 18299, paragraph 4.1.11 or 4.1.12 (German construction contract procedures), i.e. the contractor shall dispose of any impurities resulting from his work.


If it is intended to deviate from the above provision, the performance specification will contain a separate item in this regard (cleaning).


Functional testing

Prior to acceptance of the work, the contractor shall carry out a functional test of all windows and doors without this being requested by the site management.

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