WICTEC 50 evo Partial pressure block holder

9.x WICTEC 50 evo mullion/transom façade with partial pressure block holder

(technical specification)


Preliminary remarks:


Subject of the invitation to tender is the manufacture, supply and installation of a thermally insulated aluminium façade, in principal a curtain wall or façade installed between the ceilings comprising mullions and transoms with infills which are to be used from the outside with a linear pressure block holder system.


The necessary thermal insulation of the entire façade surface is provided by the infills (insulting glass, panels and other infilling) and profile system.


The following technical requirements must be complied with:



Profile technology


Sight line: 50 mm

Mullion construction depth: 66 to 276 mm

Transom construction depth: 31.5 to 205.5 mm


Mullion profiles, one- and two-piece, located on the room side as a load-bearing construction


Pressure block holder - short pieces with concealed fixings


Cover profiles in aluminium


Edge radius for cover profiles in external areas and mullion and transom profiles in external areas <= 0.5 mm


Special profiles and seals for base and top points


Profile selection

Unless otherwise specified in the position description, the depths of the supporting profiles are determined by the contractor taking into account all the static requirements applicable for the affected profile.


Fastening for the structure supporting the façade

Carried out using the assigned façade design and on the matched fixing system, whose main components are made up of thick-walled aluminium profiles. For details and list of types see technical specification, WICTEC AN façade fixing system.



Design features


Continuous insulation level in profile design and infills


Insulation strips, fitted and continuous, with sealing lip which covers the glass edges (horizontal and vertical) corresponding to the stipulated infill thickness


The insulation strip must ensure a defined distance stop for the pressure block holders to ensure even pressure on the glazing


Overlapping connection of the transom to the mullions


T- and cross joints with standard transom fastening and overlapping butt. For weights > 1.2 kN additional transom fastening using connectors with different types of construction


Vertical expansion joints for one- and two-piece mullion profiles with plug-in connectors (connecting sleeves)


Expansion joints, fitted in the area of the balustrade railing bar, 10 mm expansion gap sealed using seal sets in the transition


Same sight line of the internal mullion and transom seals


Fixings of the glazing system must not penetrate the water-bearing layer


Supporting blocks made from aluminium; blocking according to relevant glazing guidelines


Internal and external glazing gaskets in EPDM


Mullion/transom profile connections

Transoms are usually fitted in the rebate area overlapping the mullions, impinging on transom hollow; optionally also for retrofitting transom.

Profile connections according to the specifications of the system house and static requirements.


Mullion/mullion profile connections (vertical expansion joints)

Vertical mullion mountings/expansion joints for one- and two-piece mullion profiles with plug-in connectors (connecting sleeves) from reinforcing profiles 135155, 135303-135309, length approx. 500 mm.


Glazing system

External glazing is mandatory


Internal glazing gaskets may be butt-jointed, as a connection with sealing cord short pieces without using additional adhesive substances or frames with formed corners and/or vulcanised frames


External glazing with pressure block holder short pieces; the external seals are fitted continuously (vertical) and butt-jointed (horizontal) in the cover profiles


The installed façade system must be capable of accommodating different infill thicknesses field-by-field (adapter profiles)


Internal EPDM seals and/or aluminium adapter profiles are smoothed flush between neighbouring infills of different thicknesses; the butt joints of these profiles are sealed with EPDM terminals


Vapour pressure compensation and drainage from the glazing rebate.

The façade system complies with the applicable regulations and the recommendations of the insulating glass manufacturers


Tested vapour pressure compensation (ventilation) and drainage from the glazing rebate, via the four corners in each field and with a choice of drainage system, depending on the respective façade height


Base point drainage with continuous horizontal transom seal with banner, which overlaps the block/panel below the structural attachment and carries the penetrating moisture outside in a controlled way. At the point of intersection of the mullions and transoms, a central drainage section ensures interruption-free connection of the lower transom seal and controlled drainage to the outside. In the lateral connection area and in the connection to the gripping window and door frames, special shaped pieces enable a safe transition from the horizontal and vertical sealing layer.


Installation of thermally insulated windows and doors

in the façade grid occurs in the same way as with solid infills



Design variants


- Straight cut mullion/transom façade

- Straight cut mullion/mullion façade

- Increased glass load

- Industry contour



Thermal insulation


Heat transfer coefficient of the profile system:

Uf in W/(m²K) in accordance with EN ISO 10077-2 corresponding to the high of the insulation zone and formation of the glass seals


Carried out using plastic insulating strips, by the clamping connection continuously fixed on the screw channels of the load-bearing profiles. The height of the insulating strips is dependent on the thickness of the infills being accommodated and the required Uf values corresponding to the system selection.


The thermal insulation in the profiles and in the infill units is at the same level.



Evidence and certifications


- Air permeability EN 12152, class AE

- Driving rain resistance EN 12154, class RE1200

- Ability to withstand wind load EN 13116 - permissible load, +2.0/-2.0 kN/m²

- Ability to withstand wind load EN 13116 - increased load, +3.0/-3.0 kN/m²

- Impact resistance 14019, class I5/E5


Evidence of quality assurance according to ISO 9000 standards

System manufacturers, profile pressing plants and composite manufacturers are certified


Cradle-to-cradle (C2C) certified




The performances described are based on the design features, materials and processes of the WICONA - WICTEC 50 evo façade system including its supplements for special applications and the associated fixing system WICTEC AN which correspond to the system description; they are performance requirements which are to be complied with in accordance with the contract.

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