WICTEC 50FP Sloped glazing

9. Construction



9.x WICTEC 50FP fire protection facade

Sloped glazing (roof glazing)

(Technical specification)


Preliminary remarks:


The subject of the tender is the manufacture, supply and installation of sloped / roof glazing, largely corresponding to the WICTEC 50FP aluminium fire protection façade, fire resistance classes G30 and F30, in accordance with DIN 4102.


The use of overhead glazing requires "individual approvalrdquo; or "general building inspectorate approvalrdquo;.


The required thermal insulation for the entire area of the façade shall be provided by the infills (insulating glass, panels and other infills) and the profile system.


A general building inspectorate approval must be issued in relation to the sloped glazing, otherwise "individual approvalrdquo; must be applied for and issued for fire protection façades / fire protection sloped glazing.

The respective approval notice or individual approval shall be included with the tender.


It is mandatory to meet the technical requirements of the standard façade in accordance with the system proof and system description for the WICTEC 50FP fire protection façade system by WICONA:


1.) Width of the outside face of the façade construction elements: 50 mm


2.) Continuous level of insulation in the infills and profile construction


3.) Heat transition coefficient of the profile system:

Uf = 2.4 W/(m²K) compliant with EN ISO 10077-2 in accordance with the height of the insulation zone and form of the glazing seals


4.) Same width of the face of internal mullion and transom gaskets


5.) Face of internal glazing gaskets: minimum of 10 mm


6.) Transom connection overlapping with the mullion


7.) Load-bearing profiles to be edged on the side facing the room


8.) Air pressure equalisation to be ensured via the four corners of each field, also a choice of drainage system (at the base of the façade or at each floor) depending on the height of the façade


9.) System-specific anchoring sets


10.) Mullion profiles in the case of geometric designs to be continuous in a vertical direction and form-fitting



Sloped glazing, possible roof shapes and roof constructions:

a) mono-pitch or gable roofs as horizontal roofs

b) as glass extensions with eaves, supported on posts

c) as glass extensions with side gables

e) as sloped glazing, also with polygonal layouts with 5° angle.


- Roof slopes up to 80° are permitted

- Rafters and vertical mullions near the edge and at corners to be reinforced by aluminium profile inserts.

- Max. permitted length of rafters is 4000 mm

- Max. permitted rafter spacing is 1200 mm

- Permitted glass dimensions:

- For roof pitch 10° - 15°: 700 x 2300 mm

- For roof pitch 15° - 80°: 1200 x 2300 mm


Types of glass for glazing with resistance class F30 in accordance with DIN 4102-13:

- Contraflam 30-N2-ISO and Contraflam 30-N2 or equivalent


Types of glass for glazing with resistance class G30 in accordance with DIN 4102-13:

- Contraflam Lite ISO and Contraflam Lite or equivalent.

- Both designs to be fitted with EPDM glazing gaskets.

- Use of glass in the appropriate installation position after structural calculation has been checked and confirmed by the glass manufacturer.

- All types of standard pressure profiles (without steel insert) are permitted.

- The connectors at eaves and ridge level to be covered by special steel sheet parts.


Additional safety devices for achieving fire resistance class F30:

- Mullion and transom chambers to be reinforced with additional profile inserts and integrated gypsum fibre board.

- For roof pitches below 15°, the rafters shall be reinforced with flat steel profiles.

- Maximum floor to floor / ridge height 5000 mm


An additional mandatory requirement is the certification of the system manufacturer as well as profile extrusion subcontractors under the ISO 9000 series of standards.


The design characteristics, materials and processes of the WICONA façade system WICTEC 50 and the WICTEC 50FP fire protection façade, including its supplements for special applications, together with the associated fixing system WICTEC AN, in accordance with the system description below, form the basis of the tendered works; these are contractually binding performance requirements.


The possibilities inherent in the specified system regarding permitted axes dimensions, infill thicknesses and weights have been taken into account in the design of the façade spacing and in the specification of the infill elements.


Unless otherwise specified in the itemised description, the structural system, including anchorages, shall be determined by the contractor under his own responsibility.


If an alternative system is offered, proof of equivalence shall be furnished by the bidder. In this regard, the client shall request, as a minimum requirement and unsolicited, that detailed proofs of equivalence such as up-to-date test reports and essential technical details on a scale of 1:1 be enclosed with the bid.

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