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code 90021900) Product Designation: Distant Tele Lens B237, Focal Length: 23.7 mm Mx Ordercode: MX-B237 EAN Code: 4047438026581 Intro Product: Distant Tele lens B237 • HD premium quality • Focal length: 23.7 mm • Aperture: f/1.8 • Image angle (horizontal x vertical, on camera with 6MP sensor): 15° x 11°
Product Designation: MxTube, 1 m Mx Ordercode: MX-MT-TUBE100 EAN Code: 4047438027687 Standard Accessory: - Intro Product: Suspension tube for MxTubeMount • Length: 1 m (3.3 ft) • Anodized aluminium • Outer diameter: 30 mm, wall thickness: 2 mm Intro Web: MxTube, length 1m Housing C
Product Designation: AudioMount S26/S1xM, Self-Adhesive Mx Ordercode: MX-FLEX-OPT-AM-BL EAN Code: 4047438019873 Standard Accessory: camera connection cable included Intro Product: Suitable for: S26, S15M, S14M • Easy, quick and concealed mounting with adhesive foil (e.g. behind a stainl
Product Designation: M26B Allround Mx Ordercode: Mx-M26B-6D EAN Code: 4047438031042 Hardware Version: 6V4 Model Variants: Sec Standard Accessory: Screws, dowel, Allen wrench, VarioFlex wall and ceiling mount, rubber seiling, 0,5 m Ethernet cable, Quick Install Intro Product: IP ca
Product Designation: Thermal Sensor Module for MOBOTIX 7 Mx Ordercode: Mx-O-M7SA-336TP150 EAN Code: 4047438036924 Intro Product: CIF (336 x 256 Pixel) • w/o Thermal Radiometry • 25° x 19° Intro Web: S7x PTMount Thermal 336-T150 Housing Color: white Weight Packaging (g): 890 Heig
Apps Product Designation: AI Tech Traffic Apps Bundle Mx Ordercode: Mx-APP-AI-B-TRA Intro Product: Bundle of A.I. Tech Traffic Apps: AI-ROAD3D and AI-INCIDENT Intro Web: Bundle of A.I. Tech Traffic Apps Software Features: Bundle of A.I. Tech Traffic Apps: AI-ROAD3D and AI-INCIDENT Instruct
Product Designation: AI-Occupancy Certified App Mx Ordercode: Mx-APP-AI-OCC Intro Product: Detects „Hot Spots“ and „Dead Areas“ in defined areas. Intro Web: AI-Occupancy Certified App Software Features: Detects „Hot Spots“ and „Dead Areas“ in defined areas. Instructions:
(860 nm), 120°x120° Product Designation: MxIRLight Mx Ordercode: Mx-A-IRA-120 EAN Code: 4047438030342 Model Variants: -- Standard Accessory: U-bracket (mounted), L-bracket, Screws, 0,9 m Ethernet cable, MOBOTIX RJ45 plug, Quick Install Intro Product: Infrared illuminator with 120° x 120° illumination an
Product Designation: MxThinClient Mx Ordercode: Mx-A-TCLIENTA EAN Code: 4047438028899 Hardware Version: iTenter_Mainboard 2v3, ThinClient Adapter 1v0 Model Variants: None Standard Accessory: Adhesive tape Intro Product: PoE-supplied IP video device to transfer live pictures of cam
Product Designation: MOBOTIX 7 MultiSense Outdoor Mx Ordercode: Mx-F-MSA EAN Code: 4047438035545 Intro Product: Weatherproof multi-sensor module with four environmental sensors: passive infrared sensor PIR, brightness sensor, temperature sensor (max ±0.4°C / 0.72°F) and microphone • Camera
Product Designation: S74 IO Slide in Board Mx Ordercode: Mx-F-S7A-INT01 EAN Code: 4047438035576 Intro Product: S74 IO slide in board with 1x input / output, 1x line in / out and 1x mic in / speaker out functionality Intro Web: S74 IO Slide in Board Housing Color: white Weight Packa
Product Designation: MxDigitizer For S1x Mx Ordercode: MX-OPT-DIGI-INT EAN Code: 4047438028790 Intro Product: Interface box to connect one analog camera directly to a S1x Body as alternative image source (instead of one sensor module) • Up to two MxDigitizer boxes or two analog cameras can
Product Designation: MX-NPA-Box Mx Ordercode: MX-OPT-NPA1-EXT EAN Code: 4047438015424 Intro Product: Weatherproof PoE Injector (IEEE 802.3af) and network connector • Needs external power supply units and batteries from 12 to 57 V DC • Protection class IP65, -30 to 60°C / -22 to 140°F • Imp
Product Designation: MX-232-IO-Box Mx Ordercode: MX-OPT-RS1-EXT EAN Code: 4047438015417 Intro Product: Weatherproof connection of external sensors and switching of external devices via MOBOTIX cameras • Connection to camera using USB or MxBus • 2 self-powered inputs for connecting sensors
Product Designation: MX-Proximity-Box Mx Ordercode: MX-PROX-BOX EAN Code: 4047438025935 Hardware Version: 2V0 B03 Model Variants: None Standard Accessory: • 1 screwdriver • 1 plug 3 to 5 mm • 1 plug 5 to 7 mm • 1 MxBus cable 0.5 m/1.64 ft • 2 washers 4.3 mm dia. • 2 stainless steel w
(NAS-873UG) Product Designation: MOBOTIX NAS Mx Ordercode: Mx-S-NAS8A-32 EAN Code: 4047438034050 Intro Product: MOBOTIX Network Attached Storage device with 8 bays and 32 ONVIF S channels • Max. Storage capacity net (with redundancy): 84 TB • Delivery without hard disks (not available on MOBOTIX) • In
Product Designation: PoE Power Adapter Mx Ordercode: MX-NPA-PoE-RJ EAN Code: 4047438013932 Intro Product: PoE injector (IEEE 802.3af) incl. crossover function for direct connection to the PC • Blue adapter with 3 sockets RJ45 and universal power supply with RJ45 plug • Without power plug,
4 Power Plugs Product Designation: Universal Power Supply With 4 Power Plugs Mx Ordercode: MX-SNT-INT-PoE EAN Code: 4047438013925 Intro Product: For international use thanks to broad input voltage range and interchangeable power plugs (no tools required) • With 4 power plugs for Europe, United Kingdom,
XL1 Product Designation: BellRFID Bell Button Set XL1 Mx Ordercode: MX-Bell1-Button-XL1 EAN Code: 4047438017169 Standard Accessory: Delivery with UV resistant paper label Intro Product: 1 big XL key (without blue functional bar) • For usage with any BellRFID base module (to be ordered indiv
LEDs, White Product Designation: Info Module Mx2wire+ With LEDs, White Mx Ordercode: MX-2wirePlus-Info1-EXT-PW EAN Code: 4047438015042 Intro Product: Info module with Mx2wire+ technology and a second Mx2wire+ unit for mounting inside the building • To connect and supply power to the door station via e
Product Designation: MxDisplay+, Black Mx Ordercode: MX-DISPLAY3-b EAN Code: 4047438027168 Standard Accessory: • Sealing • RFID card (administrator) • Screwdriver • Allen wrench 2.5 mm Intro Product: MxDisplay+ with second generation CPU • Indoor remote station for MOBOTIX Door Stations
Product Designation: Single In-Wall-Housing Mx Ordercode: MX-OPT-Box-1-EXT-IN EAN Code: 4047438015271 Intro Product: Suitable for: 1 module, outdoors • The blue housing is firmly connected to the subsurface or brick work. It can also be used to ensure easy installation in cavities: Drill o
Product Designation: Triple Frame, Dark Gray Mx Ordercode: MX-OPT-Frame-3-EXT-DG EAN Code: 4047438014823 Intro Product: Suitable for: 3 modules, outdoors • Integrated electromagnetic theft protection • Includes special key for module unlocking, housing gasket and installation material • Di
Black Product Designation: T26B Hemispheric IP door station camera Mx Ordercode: Mx-T26B-6N016-b EAN Code: 4047438032056 Model Variants: Sec Standard Accessory: Screws, dowel, Allen wrench, Torx wrench, Lens wrench, 0,5m Ethernet cable, Quick Installer Intro Product: Hemispheric IP door st
(Blue) Product Designation: User RFID Transponder Card (Blue) EAN Code: 4047438015295 Intro Product: For keyless entry via with KeypadRFID or BellRFID (IP video door station) • Type/encryption: MIFARE DESFire EV1 3K3DES/AES Intro Web: User RFID transponder card Weight Packaging (g): 2 Height

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Category Security systems / Locking systems

MOBOTIX has been producing megapixel cameras exclusively for many years now and is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolution video systems.

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