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Minimum Requirements for Video Surveillance Systems The requirements listed in the following represent the minimum requirements for video surveillance systems, if they are to be considered state-of-the-art technology:   o Video surveillance has to deliver images with a minimum resolution of 960 lines per image per camera in order to guarantee that pe
Checklist Video Surveillance Use this helpful decision guide as a first video surveillance checklist: answer the individual questions to compare MOBOTIX directly with another vendor of your choice.   Excellent image quality? MOBOTIX cameras deliver resolution up to 6MP in color and B/W.   Great detail? With MOBOTIX systems lice

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Kaiserstrasse 67722 Langmeil

Tel. +49 (0)6302 9816-0
Fax +49 (0)6302 9816-190
Category Security systems / Locking systems

MOBOTIX has been producing megapixel cameras exclusively for many years now and is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolution video systems.

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