HUECK Trigon 50/Trigon 60 - façade

HUECK Trigon 50/Trigon 60 - façade

Design features:
Thermally insulated aluminium façade construction in mullion-transom design for vertical or slanting, flat or polygonal curtain walls. Identical profile geometry for mullion and transom, mullion section can be used as transom. Straight sections, no transom notching required.

Smoothed-off edges at the mullion and transom profile with small radius of 0.8 mm or 2 mm in line with accident prevention regulations for schools issued by the statutory accident insurance.Mullion, transom and cover profiles in various profile geometries. Profile depths in accordance with static requirements.

Clamped connection between mullion and transom with heavy-duty T-joint and general approval by the building inspectorate issued by the DIBT. Crash-safe without additional screw fixing.

All connecting elements, screws and accessories made of rustproof material.

Glazing is carried out from the outside with EPDM sealing profiles forming hollow chambers and aluminium pressure plate profiles. Inner EPDM glazing gaskets with chamber-forming rebate webs. Continuously identical gasket thickness on the room side. As an option either as vulcanized frame or as metre-length material. Drainage grooves located on both sides in the mullion for drainage. Concealed vapour pressure equalization via punching holes in the outer gasket profiles.

Insulating zone in three different variants depending on the thermal requirement. As an option as highly insulated insulator with integrated screw guide.

Thermal insulation: Suitable for passive houses in accordance with ift guideline WA 15/2

Air permeability: up to class AE in accordance with EN 12152

Water tightness: up to class RE1200 in accordance with EN 12154

Wind resistance: 2.4 kN/m² or 3.6 kN/m² in accordance with EN 12179

Shock resistance: I5/E5 in accordance with EN 14019

Airborne sound insulation: Rw = 37- 46 dB in accordance with EN ISO 717-1

Burglar resistance: up to class RC3 in accordance with EN 1627

Bullet resistance: FB4 - NS

CWCT: CWCT certificate, test regime B

(requirement acc. to position description)

Article number: trigon50

Manufacturer's information

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Producer and supplier of aluminium profile systems for window-, door- and facade applications

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