HUECK Lava 77-S - thermally insulated aluminium smoke control doors

HUECK Lava 77-S - thermally insulated aluminium smoke control doors

Aluminium smoke control doors in accordance with DIN 18095 (RS-1) and (RS-2) and DIN EN 1634-3 (SmC5), for single- and double-leaf doors, with "general test certificate issued by the building inspectorate" P-11-003482-PR 01-ift for single-leaf doors and P-11-003482-PR 02-ift for double-leaf doors, as an option with fanlights and side lights.

Installation into glazed partitions made of profiles of series Lava 77-S according to the static requirements for profile selection and glazing is possible.

Intelligent HUECK modular system offering various design possibilities.
Narrow facial width of profiles and high-grade fittings and accessories.
Appearance identical to the thermally insulated door series HUECK Lambda 77 L and 65 M as well as fire protection series HUECK Lava 77-30.

Hinges, fittings, gaskets and accessories identical to a large extent thanks to the HUECK modular system for all Lambda and Lava series.
Wide selection of profiles with an elevation width between 51.5 and 250 mm, profile and/or bottom rail combinations with an elevation width between 83 and 308 mm. Expansion joint profiles and element coupling are possible.

Thermally insulated three-chamber profiles, insulating zones with glass fibre-reinforced strips made of polyamide 6.6, 30 to 35 mm wide. Profile depth of frames and leaves 77 mm, flush on the inside and outside, with concealed double EPDM gasket for silent stopping.

Factory-mounted, patented "Delta T" composite, suitable for subsequent powder-coating and anodization. Designed for subsequent insertion of insulating strips for highly insulated smoke control doors. Patented U value barrier in the door rebate for optimum Uf values.

Large door and leaf dimensions:

  • Single-leaf, max. passage W x H 1,450 x 3,000 mm / max. outside frame dimension 1,488 x 3,315 mm

  • Double-leaf, max. passage W x H 2,850 x 3,000 mm / max. outside frame dimension 3,470 x 3,315 mm

  • Element height including fanlight up to 4,260 mm

  • Element width including side lights max. 3,960 mm for single-leaf door / max. 5,360 mm for double-leaf door

  • Sash weight up to 250 kg

Can be designed with cost-efficient single-latch locks up to a leaf height of 2,609 mm
Comfortable choice of escape door fittings in accordance with DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125 by means of specified fitting sets.

Multiple glazing variants, also as three-pane insulating glass with a maximum Ug value of 0.5 W/m²K. Panel fillings as an option with vision panel with a maximum Up value of 0.3 W/m²K.

Filling thickness: between 6 and 54 mm in case of glazing from the inside
Up to 67 mm for aluminium, steel sheet or glass panels, also for inside sheet metal fillings covering the frame in case of glazing from the outside.

Floor connections with insulated thresholds, "barrier-free" or flat oval thresholds. As an option with ramp or height-adjustable gaskets and automatically retractable ground seals, without thresholds, for smooth, firm and even floors.
Numerous easy to mount wall connection variants for all common wall types.

Thermal insulation: Uf depending on profile geometry, accessory components and coating procedure = 2.0 W/m²K.

Overall U value: Ud depending on the glazing = 1.0 W /m²K (door),
Uw = 0.8 W /m²K (walls)

Water tightness: Up to class 8A in accordance with EN 12208

Air permeability: Class 2 in accordance with EN 12207

Resistance to wind load: Up to class C3/B3 in accordance with EN 12210

The manufacturer supplies the door elements together with a conformity label (plate), a certificate of conformity (manufacturer´s certificate) as well as installation instructions including maintenance instructions.

Article number: lava77-s

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