HUECK Lambda DS 075

HUECK Lambda DS 075 - Highly thermally insulated aluminium door system

Highly thermally insulated aluminium door design with a profile depth of 75 mm, compatible with the Lambda WS 075 window series.

Elevation width:
Narrow views of fixed and leaf frame combinations starting at 146 mm.

Design features:
Symmetrically arranged "Lambdatherm" insulation zone with insulating bridges for direct screwing of hardware parts.

Factory-made shear-proof composite, suitable for subsequent powder-coating or anodization, prepared for subsequent insertion of insulating cores. Flexible shear deltatherm composite in the leaf profiles to reduce the bi-metal effect, resulting in a lower level of leaf deflection in case of temperature differences.

Single- and double-leaf doors opening in and out. Door leaf either with a bottom rail or a circumferential door leaf, with a rebate threshold, woven pile weather strip or with an automatic door gasket.

Leaf-enclosing door inserts on one or both sides.

EPDM rebate gaskets arranged on both sides in the fixed frame and the leaf frame.
Chamber-forming EPDM glazing gaskets, to be drawn in circumferentially.

EPDM threshold gasket as a combination of rebate gasket and slide seal.

Rebate chamber covers for a smooth contour and elegant appearance in the door rebate as well as improvement of U values.

All gaskets coated with sliding polymer, suitable for self-cleaning glazing.

Rebate chamber drainage through slot areas and clip-in caps (plastic or aluminium) or concealed.

Corner and t-brackets either nailable or crimpable (with variable punch dimensions). Optional subsequent glue injection for all t-brackets.

Production-optimised through use of the same parts and the same hardware (hinges) for doors opening in and out.

Glass thicknesses and door inserts up to 53 mm.

Opening types and sash sizes pursuant to catalogue.
High-quality barrel and screw-on type hinges in accordance with EN 1935.

Various lock variants for all common requirements.

Escape door systems in accordance with EN 179 and EN 1125.

Push-pull doors (one leaf opening in and one leaf opening out, each opening independently from the other).

Independent swing doors

Finger protection doors with only one continuous gasket without further profile processing.

Combination with Lambda DS 075 FD, DS 075 FD and DS 075 RD possible.

Thermal insulation: Uf depending on profile geometry up to 1.3 W/m²K

Water tightness: Class 7A in accordance with EN 12208

Air permeability: Class 4 in accordance with EN 12207

Resistance to wind load: up to class C2/B2 in accordance with EN 12210

Burglar resistance: up to class RC 3 in accordance with EN 1627

Article number: lambda75ds

Manufacturer's information

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Category Profile systems

Producer and supplier of aluminium profile systems for window-, door- and facade applications

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