HUECK Lambda WS 075

HUECK Lambda WS 075 - Highly thermally insulated aluminium window system

Highly thermally insulated aluminium window design with a profile depth of 75 mm (frame) or 85 mm (sash), sash lap on the room side 10 mm. Sash lap over the frame circumferential 6 mm. Compatible with HUECK Lambda DS 075.

Elevation width:
Narrow profile faces of the fixed frame-sash combination from 75 mm

Design features:
Intelligent modular system with a modular structure for different requirements regarding thermal insulation.

"Lambdatherm" insulating zone with a profile depth of 38 mm. Heat resistant up to 180°C.
Factory-made shear-proof composite, suitable for subsequent powder-coating and anodization.

Highly thermally insulated centre seal gasket with limit stop on a hollow chamber profile insulating bridge on the sash side. Optionally with vulcanized corner gaskets or as a vulcanized frame gasket.
Circumferential EPDM rebate sash gasket.
Chamber-forming EPDM glazing gaskets, to be drawn in circumferentially.
All gaskets coated with sliding polymer, suitable for self-cleaning glazing.

Rebate chamber drainage through slot areas and clip-in drain caps (plastic or aluminium) or concealed drainage.
Corner and t-brackets either nailable or crimpable (with variable punch dimensions). Identical t-brackets internally and externally. All t-brackets suitable for subsequent glue injection. Uniform pin diameter for corner and t-brackets.

Filling thicknesses up to 53 mm in the fixed area and up to 63 mm in the sash.

Opening types: turn, turn/tilt, tilt, tilt before turn, and French window
Sash sizes pursuant to catalogue.
High-quality, concealed fitting solutions.
Up to corrosion prevention class 5.
Combination with HUECK Lambda WS 075 IS, WS 075 FC, WS 075 CD und WS 075 RD possible.

Thermal insulation: Uf dependent of profile geometry ≥ 0.86 W/m²K

Water tightness: up to Class 9A in accordance with EN 12208

Air permeability: up to class 4 in accordance with EN 12207

Resistance to wind load: up to class C5/B5 in accordance with EN 12210

Mechanical stress: class 4 in accordance with EN 13115

Burglar resistance: up to class RC3 in accordance with EN 1627

Design-related deviating performance properties on request.

Article number: lambda75

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Producer and supplier of aluminium profile systems for window-, door- and facade applications

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