SYSTHERM 85 E - Skylight window flush

SYSTHERM 85E - skylight window flush

Thermally insulated skylight window as top-hung sash, designated for installation in mullion-transom constructions. The insulating zone consists of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide 6.6 strips. Factory-mounted shear-proof compound, suitable for subsequent powder coating and anodization.

Profile depth of frames 85 mm, of sashes 80 mm.
Three continuous sealing levels with EPDM gaskets and two water channel levels.
Possible filling thickness between 26 and 38 mm.

The flush skylight top-hung sash can be used without restrictions for all types of transparent roofs, vertical and pitched façades. The roof inclination must be at least 20°.

Thermal insulation: Uf,BW = 2.2 W/m²K

Wind load group: C in accordance with DIN 18 055

Air permeability: class 3 in accordance with DIN EN 12 207

Water tightness: class 9A in accordance with DIN EN 12 208

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Producer and supplier of aluminium profile systems for window-, door- and facade applications

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