HUECK Lava 65-S - non-insulated aluminium smoke protection doors

HUECK Lava 65-S - non-insulated aluminium smoke protection doors

Aluminium smoke protection doors in accordance with DIN 18095 (RS-1) and (RS-2) and DIN EN 1634-3 (S200C5), for single and double-leaf doors with the general test certificate P-12-001078-PR01 ift by the building inspectorate, with either a skylight or side light(s).

Installation in glazed partitions made of profiles of the Lava 65-S series in accordance with the statical requirements and profile selection possible.

Multi-purpose HUECK modular system with a variety of design options.
Optically identical with the thermally insulated HUECK Lambda 77 L and 65 M door series, the Lava 77-S smoke protection series and the Lava 77-30/60/90 fire protection series.
The same hinges, hardware, gaskets and accessories can be used for the entire HUECK modular system.

Slender facial widths of the profile and high-quality fitting and accessory parts.
Optionally with a circumferential leaf as bottom rail.
Large selection of profiles with a facial width of 71 to 160 mm, profile or bottom rail combinations with a facial width of 71 to 185 mm.

Hollow-chamber profiles with a frame and leaf profile depth of 65 mm, flush on the inside and outside, with a dual, concealed EPDM gasket for a quiet limit stop.

Door and leaf measurements:

  • single-leaf max. passage W x H 1,350 x 2510 mm / max. outside frame dimension 1,720 x 2,695 mm

  • double-leaf max. W x H 2,500 x 2510 mm / max. outside frame dimension 2,870 x 2,695 mm

  • unit height, including skylight in accordance with statical concerns

  • unlimited unit width with side lights, in accordance with statical concerns

  • leaf weight with two-part hinges up to 150 kg, with three-part or barrel hinges up to 180 kg

Comfortable selection of escape door fittings in accordance with DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125 using defined fitting combinations

Floor connections without a threshold (barrier-free for smooth, level and firm surfaces) or with a flat oval threshold. Either with ramp or height-adjustable gaskets or also with an automatically retractable ground seal, without a threshold, for smooth, firm and level floors.

Numerous easy-to-mount wall connecting variants for all common types of wall construction, also including non-clad steel, wood or aluminium supports.

The door elements receive a conformity label, a conformity certificate (certificate of compliance) as well as an installation manual incl. a maintenance manual from the manufacturer.

Manufacturer's information

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Producer and supplier of aluminium profile systems for window-, door- and facade applications

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