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gold one-hole single-lever basin mixer, DN 15 - {Geraeuschpruefungsnummer}: P-IX* (PA-IX submitted) - flow rate: 2 l/min, gemessen bei 3 bar Fliessdruck - projection: 130 mm - spout: fixed body: DR brass (MS 63) operating lever (metal) - side operation Mikado® Aerator pop-up waste (metal) and draw-rod HA
59914186 BLUETUNE adjust-adapter   suitable for all BLUEBOX function units BLUETUNE alignment of the rosette possible after installation from ± 3,5º
59914185 bluebox-plug according to DIN EN 806-4 / EN 1717   suitable for BLUEBOX 8000 / 8001
Hansa rough-in body 0100 0100 single-lever shower mixer in single-lever thermostatic shower mixer changes a single-lever shower-mixer into a thermostatic shower-mixer Adapter control unit with service stops fastening nut with O-ring installation tools
59912386 special plug according to DIN EN 806-4   for concealed thermostats 08040290 / 08050290 from 07.2003
59904501 cartridge with integrated volume control suitable for HANSAMAT/HANSAVARIO 0808 - with wax element - strainer
59911527 thermostat cartridge for Hansacube and Hansatempra TH swapped cold/hot water connections
set suitable for Hansatempra thermostat cartridge suitable for thermal disinfection DVGW W 551
plug power supply 550 mA suitable for touchless HANSA faucets with capable of bluetooth sensor connection cable 1.5 m input 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz output 9 VDC (SELV)
assembly module for the mains supply of battery electronical fittings Voltage transformer DC 12 V to DC 7,2V Integrated differential protection and function control Integrated condenser for closing the valve when the mains supply breakdown function control by LED-display a HANSA assembly module is n
with shut-off valve chrome Content: 1 piece consisting of: Eccentric connection with shut-off valve Collar Flat seal
and drain assembly installation set for cast bathtubs, steel and plastic DIN 19545 approved, noise reduction class I consisting of: pop-up waste stainless steel - with 360 deg swivelling trap revolvable PE-HD drain pipe DN 32/40 (40/50 mm) with overflow bowden cable, chrome-nickel steel overflow rosette, revolving ver
67241290 pressure reduction valve set to 4 bar please order separately - {Geraeuschpruefungsnummer}: P-IX 19749/I
for concealed valves DN 15/DN 20 (15 mm/22 mm) suitable for Praezisa spindle headparts enclosed headpart threaded connector or soldered connection cover cap, rosette, screwed nipple, knurled nut For the complete unit please order separately trim kit and concealed base unit
extra lever for HANSAVAROX Pro suitable for HANSAVAROX function units H+C symbol available for bath mixer 4052 9073, 4052 9083 available for shower mixer 4055 9173, 4055 9183 standard lever 0188 0083
59910419 Spout complete, 96 mm suitable for HANSAMEDICA, HANSACLINICA, HANSATEMPRA watercourse system without nickel coating
DN 15 chrome type A2 flexible part in flow G 1/2 female and male thread <entfaellt>
hose copper pipe available for HANSAMINIMAT connections G 3/8 Pressure hose T piece
base unit concealed installation unit without shut-off valves installation depth: 75-105 mm connection unit: DR brass (MS 63) mounting box and cover sleeve: plastic - with gasket sleeve - suitable for dry mortarless construction multifix fastening system all connections G1/2 (plug will be included)

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Hansa Armaturen GmbH
Sigmaringer Str. 107 D - 70567 Stuttgart Deutschland

Tel. +49 (0)711 1614-0
Fax +49 (0)711 1614-368
Category Plumbing / Heating / Sanitary products / Air conditioning

Hansa Armaturen GmbH offers innovative solutions for Kitchen and Bathroom fittings. The companies repertoire ranges from classic smooth kitchen fittings to innovative

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