Kids Tramp "Kindergarten"

Playground trampoline for installation in a pit, model "Kindergarten", not vandalism-proof, for use in supervised areas. Use without shoes.


Dimensions / Frame profile:

150 x 150 x 30 cm (L x B x H) made of high-quality steel for installation in the ground, hot-dip galvanised


Pit dimensions:

160 x 160 cm

Depth: 73 cm, free space beneath jumping bed centre: 61 cm


Jumping bed material:

Jumping bed made from PVC-coated fabric (UV-light and weather-resistant), weight 1.98 kg/m2, colour yellow


Jumping bed dimensions:

107 x 107 cm, with 36 steel springs (length 185 mm, Ø 20 mm, hot-dip galvanised), jumping bed: 0.94 x 0.94 m


Frame coverage:

The impact protection is not included in the delivery.

Optional: Kraiburg impact protection system (30 mm; HIC1000) for Kids Tramp "Kindergarten", article number: E97001 (consisting of 8 impact protection plates, colour: grey). With rounded edges on the inside for optimum safety and a barrier-free access to the jumping bed (suitable for the freely accessible area).


Weight (without impact protection):

113 kg


Jumping height:

Safe and limited jumping height (max. 100 cm; EN 1176).



Pre-assembled delivery; bonded impact protection need to be stuck down on location.

Springs and jumping bed can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance without having to disassemble the bonded impact protection or frame.


Maximum fall height:

Maximum fall height of 100 cm covered by bonded impact protection.


Safety areas and distances:

Surrounds: 2 m (starts from the end of the jumping bed / tile inside edge).

Surrounds when arranged in-line: 2 x 3 m (If therelsquo;s a defined direction of movement, you must consider a safety area of at least 3 metres lenght at the sides of jump-in and jump-out!

Above: 3.5 m (no trees, power lines etc.)



TÜV-certified: Tested and inspected in line with the playground equipment standard DIN EN 1176 (TÜV Product Service)


UV-light resistant: All components (jumping bed, bonded impact protection, frame, springs) made from UV-resistant material.


Suitable for use all-year-round: Trampoline designed for use outdoors; suitable for use all-year-round.



Item designation / Type:

Kids Tramp "Kindergarten"

Article number: 97100



Eurotramp-Trampoline Kurt Hack GmbH

Zeller Straße 17

73235 Weilheim - Teck / Germany

Tel. +49 (0)7023 - 9495 - 0

Fax +49 (0)7023 - 9495 - 10



Unit: Stk Price: 2 689,00 Article number: 97100

Manufacturer's information

Eurotramp Trampoline - Kurt Hack GmbH
Zeller Straße 17/1 73235 Weilheim/Teck

Tel. (0)7023 94950
Fax (0)7023 949510
Category Outdoor facilities - elements

Playground and kindergarten trampolines for public playground areas, school playgrounds, kindergartens, amusement and public parks, etc. from the trampoline specialist Eurotramp. All trampolines correspond to the playground norm DIN EN 1176 and are 100% Made In Germany.

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